Before booking your Essex hog roast or catering service with HOGIT, please make sure you read and understand our Terms and Conditions. These are to protect both the customer and our business. 

  • The customer is responsible for providing HOGIT with a sufficient flat set-up space that measures at least 4 x 3-meter for our equipment
  • We need easy access to our equipment through the cooking area
  • We must have electric power provided to us by the customer
  • The electric power must be within a 10-meter radius from our equipment
  • If applicable, the customer has to arrange or pay for parking of our vehicle
  • Depending on the type of event, we will need at least 4 to 7 hours access to the venue prior to serving 
  • Every chef has a folder containing all the ingredients that can be found in our products
  • We can not be held responsible for any allergies caused by our food. Please contact our office for any questions about ingredients
  • We strive to serve all food on time, but our chef reserves the right to change any serving time if he/she deems the food not ready for consumption
  • No booking is confirmed until a 30% deposit to secure the date of the event has been paid. Deposits are non-refundable
  • The remaining balance has to be settled in full at least 14 days prior to the event
  • The rubbish is the responsibility of the customer. We can however take the rubbish away for a surplus fee.
  •  If your event requires fryers, we will require constant and uninterrupted power to ensure the food can reach the correct temperature.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to control the weather nevertheless we do try and cater for all weather conditions. If weather conditions are adverse, we have to come to other arrangements once we arrive at the location of your event. 
  • HOGIT do not take any responsibility for the food we leave onsite for your guests once we have left your venue. 
  • Once your booking is confirmed we will serve at the time given to us by yourself.  If our staff have to stay on longer than thirty minutes from original planning, additional costs will be charged.
  • Paella bookings are set up for 1 hour serving slots only and for a minimum number of 50 guests. 

Please note that cancellations are only allowed up to 7 days before your event. Otherwise, you will still need to pay the quoted amount in full.

If you have any questions regarding our Terms and Conditions, please contact us.
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